The modern bathroom is much more than just a functional space where you go to get ready in the morning. It’s a spot where you can relax in the tub after a long day at the office or take a nice warm shower after a day of working in the yard. Many homeowners want their bathrooms to be grand, spa-like spaces where they and their guests can feel pampered. If you’ve been thinking about updating your master en suite, or you want to add a half bath to your basement, contact Dipple today. With our bathroom remodeling services in Greenville, you can have the space you’ve always wanted!

Plumbing Expertise

Plumbing is obviously the most important aspect of any bathroom, and our team has expertise to install a new tub, shower, sink, and anything else the space needs. If your home has old galvanized pipes that have seen better days, we’ll install new plumbing that will last for many, many years. You won’t have to worry about issues with water temperature or pressure, either.

Modern Fixtures

One aspect that many people focus on are the fixtures in their new bathroom. That old sink from 1981 needs to go (along with the faucet) and we can help you choose the options that will look best in your updated space. Once you’ve chosen them, we’ll get to work on installing them and finishing your project as quickly and efficiently as we can.

You don’t have to live with a master bathroom that’s too small or a guest bath that doesn’t function properly any longer. Contact the team at Dipple in Greenville today and let us know what your remodeling needs are. We’ll provide you with a competitive quote and get started when it works with your schedule.

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