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  • Common Summer Plumbing Problems
    Common Summer Plumbing Problems

    Summer is a great time in Greenville, with warm weather and plenty for the entire family to do enjoy. That being said, you may be hosting friends and relatives, and the kids may have their friends ...

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  • Replacing Your Toilet
    Replacing Your Toilet

    There comes a time in every toilet's life when it needs to be replaced. It might be leaking water, or it may be so old that it's nearly impossible to find parts for it. Whatever the case may be, ...

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  • Avoid Plumbing Issues During the Holidays
    Avoid Plumbing Issues During the Holidays

    We wrote about this last year around this time , but with the holidays fast approaching once more, we thought it important to cover plumbing issues during November and December. At Dipple in ...

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  • Kids and The Toilet
    Kids and The Toilet

    If you're a parent who is potty training your toddler, then you know how much of a challenge it can be. They may have been afraid of or fascinated by the toilet the first time they used it, and they ...

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  • Replace Your Water Heater This Spring
    Replace Your Water Heater This Spring

    Now that spring is here and you're in the middle of cleaning out closets and sweeping under every piece of furniture, have you given any thought to the state of your water heater? Whether you're ...

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  • Building Your New Bathroom
    Building Your New Bathroom

    If you grew up in a house with several people and one bathroom, then you know how valuable time spent in the bathroom can be. Someone was always pounding on the door telling you you're taking too ...

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