Common Electrical Mistakes

We've written before about common electrical terms you may encounter, and in this blog, we want to look at common electrical mistakes that people make when installing their own wiring. While it can be okay to install your own wiring and fixtures in your home, it can pose a risk to those who aren't trained to handle electrical systems or understand how everything fits together. In today's DIY world, it can be a better idea to call a licensed electrician who can install new lights and outlets. At Dipple in Greenville, we can handle any project!

Mistake #1. Wires That Are Too Short

If you've run the wire for a new light or outlet, and you have the wires in the junction box, you'll want to be sure there's enough wire left to make the connection with the fixture. If the wires are cut too short, it can make wire connections more tricky than they have to be, and you may have to add wire extensions in order to safely install your fixture. Leaving at least three inches of wire protruding from the box can make life easier, and it's best to leave six inches of extra wire length.

Mistake #2. Incorrect Box Installation

Putting an electrical box in a wall is fairly straightforward, but if you're nailing it to a wall stud, you'll want to be sure to allow enough room for drywall installation. Too many homeowners place the box too deep in the wall, not allowing for the thickness of the drywall, or they leave it protruding too much and they have to fix it once the drywall is put up.

Mistake #3. Bad Connections

This mistake is a bit more serious than the first two, since bad electrical connections can lead to a host of problems, including shock, fixture malfunction, and fire. It's imperative to use wire nuts to make connections in a junction box, and if you're attaching wires to a terminal screw, make sure it's secure before closing the box with the faceplate.

These are just a few of the mistakes that people can make when working with the electrical system in their house or business. If you feel comfortable adding wiring, putting in new light switches, and installing outlets, it's important to check and double check your work before turning the juice back on in the building. You'll also want to check local codes to ensure that you're not circumventing any required protocol and therefore putting yourself, your family, or your employees at risk.

When you need an experienced and licensed electrician, Dipple will be there to help. We can add new wiring for new lights, new outlets, and much more, and we'll check everything before we leave so you have the peace of mind that your electrical system will work properly. You might think that it's better to save a few bucks by wiring everything yourself, but unless you're absolutely sure that what you've installed is safe and reliable, it's good to call an expert.

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