Building Your New Bathroom

If you grew up in a house with several people and one bathroom, then you know how valuable time spent in the bathroom can be. Someone was always pounding on the door telling you you're taking too long, or you were the one always waiting for the bathroom to be open. Now that you're grown and have your own house, you want to save your family from the stress of only having one bathroom. If you're thinking of adding a guest bath on the main floor, or taking that unused space in the basement and turning it into a second bathroom, Dipple Plumbing can help. From fixture selection to final installation, we can meet all your piping and plumbing needs.

Where Will the Bathroom Be Located?

The first, and perhaps most important question, is where will the bathroom be located? It's often easiest to place a new bathroom near a wet wall, or a wall where you home's plumbing is already located. While it is possible to run new piping to a different part of the house, you'll need to think about the time and money it will take to run pipes to an area where there isn't any current plumbing. Depending on the design and layout of your house, it might make more sense to add the new bathroom off the front hallway instead of the basement.

Half, Three-Quarter, or Full Bath?

The next decision will be to decide what size of bathroom you want. Do you want to add a half, three-quarter, or full bath? This will most likely depend on the size of the space you have to dedicate to the new bathroom, as well as how often and for what purpose the bathroom will be used. If you're adding a new guest bath, you'll want to be sure it at least has a shower, sink, and toilet (or three-quarter bath).

The Three Main Bathroom Types:

  • Full – A full bath contains a sink, toilet, shower, and bathtub. The shower and tub may be together, or can be separate. Full baths are usually installed off the master bedroom, family bedrooms, or in a spot where the entire family can use it.
  • Three-Quarter – This option includes a sink, toilet, and shower stall. It's a popular option for guest bathrooms and can be an economical choice for many homes.
  • Half – A half bath (or powder room) is a great option for the front of the house where guests and visitors can use it when they come in from outside. If you often have people over, a half bath can provide a comfortable space for anyone to freshen up without having to go upstairs or through a bedroom.

If you're tired of waiting to use the bathroom every morning, or guests don't have an easily accessible bathroom when they visit, call Dipple today. We can install your new plumbing and get everything ready for your new fixtures and appliances, and make your home more comfortable for everyone who lives there and everyone who visits.