Expert Electrical Work for Your New Bathroom

Adding another bathroom to your home can make the house more functional and more convenient, however, it can be quite the undertaking, especially when it comes to the electrical wiring. If the new bathroom is to be added in the basement, it's important to hire an electrician that understands how to install wiring in a previously unfinished portion of your house. At Dipple in Greenville, our team of experts knows how to properly install lights, outlets, fans, and everything your new bathroom needs.

Creating a Comfortable Space

You want the new bathroom space to be as comfortable as possible, and our electrician will discuss with you all of your options regarding vanity lights, wall outlets, and exhaust fans. If there is existing wiring in the basement, we can tie into the electrical system from there, and will also make sure new switches are added to your home's breaker box. If there isn't any wiring to tie into, we'll devise the best plan for adding it, while adhering to every building code and ensuring that your system isn't overloaded.

Once the bathroom wiring is complete and the lighting is installed, we'll test everything thoroughly to confirm that every fixture and outlet is working properly. If you have any questions during the process, or want to make a few changes to better optimize your energy usage and light output, we'll gladly provide answers and figure out the best options for your home. Above all, we want you to feel confident in your decision to choose Dipple for your electrical work in Greenville.