We Can Install Your New Chandelier

At Dipple, we understand the need and desire to upgrade your home's lighting fixtures. You might have grown tired of the old flush mount fixture in your foyer or entryway, and you want to have a modern chandelier installed. Our local electricians in Greenville can handle your chandelier installation, and make sure the light is hung and working properly. We know how to safely remove the old fixture, inspect the wiring that's there, add new wiring if necessary, and place the new fixture in the right place.

The Installation Process

Our technician will arrive at your home at the scheduled time, and begin with an inspection of the area where the chandelier will be installed. Once everything is ready to go, the technician will turn off the power at the circuit breaker. It's essential that you let everyone in the house know that the power will be off, and that no one turns the breaker back on while work is being done on the lights. The electrician will verify the power is off by testing the wiring for current, and when it's safe, will begin removing the old fixture. Once the fixture and fixture plate have been removed, the ends of the wires will be capped with appropriately colored caps, so they can be installed correctly in the new chandelier. If the mounting or junction box in the ceiling isn't adequate for the chandelier, the electrician will install a new one. It's also important to ensure that there is proper structural support for the chandelier, since it will most likely weigh more than the old flush mount fixture. There are braces and other architectural products that can be used to support your chandelier. We will discuss beforehand what may be necessary for this process.

Once the junction box and supports are in place, the electrician will begin installing the chandelier. They will thread the wires as necessary, and can shorten the chain if required. They'll ensure there are no loose connections, and that the existing light switch or dimmer is able to control the chandelier. Of course, that will require the power to be turned back on, and our technician will take care of that. Everything will be double-checked for safety and operation, and the electrician won't leave until you are completely satisfied with the installation.

Hiring a professional electrician to install your new chandelier can save you from a large amount of stress and frustration, as well as ensure that there is no risk of shock to you or a family member. Loose wires can pose serious risks, and we practice extreme caution when working with electricity and installing new light fixtures. We'll work quickly and diligently, so you can enjoy your new fixture sooner rather than later. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail, and if for some reason something is left undone, or you're unsure about the stability of your chandelier, we'll come back and check everything. We're here to help you, and will do whatever it takes to give you peace of mind.