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Warm Days Will Last Through September

September is here, and you might be looking forward to the cooler days of fall that will soon arrive. However, until then, you're still going to need your air conditioner and the cool air it provides for your home. With temperatures in the upper 80s to mid 90s over the next few weeks, the last thing you want is for your AC to fail on the hottest of days. At Dipple, our air conditioning repair experts can make sure your cooling system keeps working until it's time to turn it off for the year.

Regular AC Maintenance

It's important to schedule regular AC maintenance with an experienced HVAC service provider, and the end of summer is a great time to do so. You hopefully had your unit checked before you turned it on in April or May, and the end of summer is also an important time to check the system's status and functionality. Any potential problems can be addressed, so when you need your AC next spring, you won't have to face any surprises or hefty repair bills.

September will come and go quickly, and if you're trying to enjoy the last few days of summer, enjoy them with the comfort of a properly functioning air conditioner. We can take care of any minor issues, as well as major problems such as condenser leaks, coil problems, or fan issues. You may not need your AC once the month is over, but in case you do, we want it to be working perfectly.

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