Wiring Emergency? Call an Electrician!

If you notice exposed wiring in your house, it's important to contact an electrician right away. You want to be sure that no one touches or comes in contact with the wiring, as the consequences could be disastrous or even deadly. If you can, locate the circuit the wiring is on and shut it off at the breaker box. If not, a Dipple emergency electrician will be there as soon as possible.

We're proud to serve Greenville and the surrounding area, and if our work can save a family from catastrophe, we'll know that what we do matters. Exposed wires can cause electrical shock, deadly fires, and other devastating consequences. Electricity is no joke, and if your hands are wet, or you're not properly grounded when you accidentally touch the wires, the results could be extremely serious. Our electricians will take the proper precautions and ensure the circuit is off before touching or working with any wires in your home. They can also check for other faulty wires and potential electrical risks behind your walls or in your circuit breaker.

If you have concerns about the wiring in your home, or you want to update your lighting or appliances but are unsure about the state of your house's electrical system and whether or not it can support the demand, contact Dipple today. We can provide emergency electrical services, as well as routine service that will give you peace of mind and help you sleep more soundly at night. Call us at (864) 481-1012!