Tips for Naturally Cooling Your Home

As summer temperatures settle in, your electric bill is likely going up. As air and heating companies know, the higher the temperature, the more you will find yourself running your A/C system. However, a lot of people don't know that they can lower their summer electric bill by using some natural methods, along with using their local air conditioning servicing company to keep their unit running efficiently. Here are a few tips that you can use to fight your rising electric bill this summer.

Seal Your Cracks

Cracks in your windows, walls and anywhere else in your home can let your cool air escape outside and let the sweltering heat come inside. Even small cracks can have a big impact, so either conduct a DIY project and caulk up those cracks or call in a professional do to the job before the summer heat settles in.

Invest in a Ceiling Fan

Good circulation is your friend when you're dealing with summer heat. A good ceiling fan can increase air circulation in high-traffic areas like the kitchen and living room.

White Paint is Your Roof's Friend

Did you know that painting your roof white can help keep the inside of your home cooler? It sounds weird, but it's true. The white paint will not absorb the heat like a colored paint will, and the unabsorbed heat will never have a chance to make its way into your home.

Get High-Quality Shutters or Blinds

If you want to bask in the sun, go outside. Leaving your windows uncovered in the summer lets heat from the sun travel into your home unhampered, raising the temperature and increasing your need to run your A/C unit. Some high-quality shutters or thick curtains can help keep that heat outside where it belongs.

Use Your Outdoor Grill

There are more reasons to use your grill than how good it makes your food taste. Using your outdoor grill can keep you from using your stove, an appliance that puts a ton of heat into your kitchen. No one wants extra heat in their kitchen on an already hot day, so take your cooking outdoors.

Embrace the Shade

Planting trees near your house can help shade it. This will reduce the amount of heat that reaches your house in the first place. If you really love plants, try planting climbing vines around your home. The vines will climb the walls of your house and absorb heat, keeping your indoor temperatures lower.

All of these tips should help you maintain a cool temperature in your home this summer without breaking the bank. Of course, the last thing to remember is to call a local air and heating repair professional to have your unit inspected before summer begins. You don't want your bill to rise simply because your unit is malfunctioning or there are problems in your ductwork.