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Schedule a Plumbing Inspection Before Company Arrives

Summer is a busy time for most families, with sports, activities, and vacations taking up most of the season. If you're not traveling anywhere this summer, but you're having family come visit you, it's important to know for certain that your plumbing will be able to keep up with the demand. If you have that one toilet on the second floor that never seems to flush properly, or you've noticed one of the tubs is draining slowly, Dipple Plumbing is here to help. We can thoroughly inspect your pipes, drains, and more, and make sure everything is in top shape before your company arrives.

Water Demand

One of the biggest increases you'll see when you have friends or relatives stay for an extended period of time will be in your water bill. This means more people taking showers and baths, more water for cleaning clothes and washing dishes, and more people drinking water from the fridge or the faucet. If your pipes can't handle the water demand, and someone turns on the kitchen tap while someone else is taking a shower, the pressure could dip or worse, a pipe could break. When that happens, it's important to call an experienced plumber right away. However, if you call us before company arrives, we can pinpoint potential problems and repair them before they lead to a plumbing catastrophe.

If you're planning on hosting guests this summer, avoid problems with your appliances, faucets, and pipes by calling Dipple in Greenville today. We can replace that old toilet, clear clogs in your drains, and check the stability of your plumbing.