HVAC service: Keep Your Furnace Fan On and Stay Cool

Electric bills go up every summer, just like the temperature in South Carolina. Air conditioning is what gets us through the hot and humid days, but no one likes paying for the additional electric use. One simple way to improve your energy bill over the summer is to keep your furnace fan on rather than shutting the fan system off during the warmer months. Here are three ways your furnace will help keep you cool this summer:

  1. Supplements the air conditioning system. Leaving the furnace fan on helps boost the effectiveness of the air conditioning in your home. It facilitates air circulation in your home and spreads cool air throughout the structure. This allows the cool air to travel farther than it would on its own out of the vents.
  2. Helps you stay cooler. Ceiling fans and standing fans create a wind-chill effect in the room. Even though the air stays the same temperature as the rest of the room, it feels cooler when it contacts your skin. The furnace fan creates the same effect, circulating the air in the room. This can reduce costs as you'll be less tempted to lower the thermostat and may help keep the air conditioner off.
  3. Prevents air from getting trapped. In multi-story homes, hot air has a tendency to get trapped upstairs, making one floor significantly warmer than the others. Keeping your furnace fan on will increase air circulation and keep the upper stories from feeling like an oven.

At Dipple, our team is ready to help you keep your home cool this summer. If you're concerned about your HVAC system or are in need of a full air conditioner installation, contact us today! We've served the greater Greenville area for over 40 years!