Furnace Replacement in the Middle of Summer?

With temperatures approaching the mid to upper 90s in Greenville over the next week, your mind is only on one thing - keeping your air conditioner running at optimal capacity. However, it's important never to forget completely about your furnace, especially since you only switched it off for the season a couple of months ago. At Dipple, we believe there is never a bad time for furnace replacement, and summertime can make perfect sense, since you're not using it and won't have to worry about living without it for a few days.

"There is never a bad time for furnace replacement, and summertime can make perfect sense!"

Picking the Right Furnace Model

There is a lot that goes into picking the right furnace model, and our technicians can help you narrow down your choices. You can start by looking at your past heating bills, and seeing how many therms your current heating system used (if it's a natural gas system) or kilowatt hours (if it's an electrical heating system). We can also help you determine if your furnace is too small for your home, which can be the case if it's been a few decades since it was upgraded, or you've added on to your home in the past few years. We'll show you a number of adequate options that will provide energy-efficient heating for your entire house, and you won't have to worry about higher bills once fall and winter return.

Planning for Furnace Installation and Upkeep

Once you've picked your new furnace, we'll get to work right away on removing your old system and installing your new one. We'll ensure that everything is connected and working correctly, and we can also help you plan for regular upkeep and maintenance. We'll inform you of how often you should change the furnace filter, and if you want to schedule annual maintenance appointments, we'll figure out the best times that work for you.

You may not need your furnace until September or October, but having it replaced now will save you from feeling rushed a few months from now. Contact Dipple in Greenville to discuss your furnace repair and replacement options!