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When summer hits in Upstate South Carolina, the last thing you want is an air conditioner that doesn't run efficiently or fails on you. At Dipple Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air, we strive to respond quickly when our customers call for repairs. We work fast to find the source of the issue and provide our recommendation, whether that may be repairs or replacement.

Our AC repair and replacement technicians in Greenville can work with you to find an HVAC solution that meets your needs and begin restoring comfort to your home or business. We understand the importance of using high quality equipment and material to get the job done for you, in order to prevent potential damages from happening again. Our team of experts work hard to provide our customers with top notch service that ensure the optimal functioning of your HVAC, as well as healthy indoor air quality.

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Common Signs You Need AC Repair

It is rare for an air conditioner to stop working completely before showing warning signs. By paying attention and knowing what to look for, you may be able to spot these signs before the problem worsens. Whether you run a business and need to keep your employees and customers comfortable or your family depends on your AC to keep you cool, our HVAC technicians in Greenville can help.

A few signs that your AC may be experiencing issues include:

  • The unit won't stay on - If your unit is turning on and off very fast, it either means your AC is too big for your home or your compressor is on the fritz.
  • The unit turns on but the fan doesn't start - You can tell that your blower fan isn't working if you hear your AC is on but you're not getting any air coming out of your air vents in which case you should call in our Greenville AC repair experts.
  • No matter what the thermostat is set to, your space won't cool - If you're not getting cooling it could be because of an air filter that needs changing or an evaporator coil that is too dirty.
  • You hear weird noises coming from the AC - If you hear a loud grinding or rumbling sound, it's important to act quickly in these situations as these problems can worsen as time goes on damaging other parts in your AC.
  • Smells that are off - Because of how much condensation goes on when your AC is cooling air there could be mold or mildew growth in your unit or your ductwork. If you smell something burning then you'll need AC repair.

While maintenance is important to improve performance, regular check-ups are not always possible. We understand that a problem may present itself out of the blue and you need a reliable HVAC company to show up to your home on time and fix it right away. Our team of professionals have been helping families in Greenville for over four decades, and we can guarantee that with us, you will be getting the best service out there.

Should You Replace or Go For AC Repair?

When your air conditioner is consistently experiencing problems, you may not be sure whether to repair or replace. Replacing an AC is a big investment that you should consider carefully. Our professional cooling technicians in Greenville can examine your equipment to determine if a repair will be sufficient or if a replacement is necessary. Consider replacement over AC repair in the following instances.

1. Your utility bill keeps going up - As AC units age, they'll get less efficient over time. What this means is they'll need more electricity to properly cool. While maintenance and tune ups can lessen this inefficiency, father time beats every unit and you shouldn't sink money into AC repair if it's also costing you more money each month.

2. Your AC is old - On average an AC units lasts from 8-12 years depending on use, environment and maintenance levels. If your unit is older and working great that's fine, but if it's breaking down there's only so much our Greenville AC repair team can do to a dying unit.

3.It requires R22 Freon - Because of the 2020 Freon Ban, AC units that require the banned coolant will get more and more expensive to run as the coolant becomes increasingly scarce. Don't sink more money into AC repair if you also have to pay so much for your coolant.

4. An expensive repair - Our AC repair team will always run estimates by you before working, but you should be careful about an expensive repair on an older unit. If the age of the unit in years multiplied by the cost of the AC repair is more than the cost of a new unit then make the switch.

Call today or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our Greenville AC repair experts. We’re available 24/7!

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Why Choose Us For AC Repair In Greenville SC

Getting the job done fast is one thing, but getting the job done right the first time around is another. The correct AC repair and replacement is critical to ensuring that potential problems with your AC system to not become apparent soon after the repair or replacement process.

We differentiate from other AC repair companies in Greenville and Upstate South Carolina through our exceptional customer service, our emergency AC repair program, and by using top notch products for all of our repairs. Whether you need residential or commercial AC repair for your home or your business, our team of experts are available for you around the clock to save the day, the right way.

    I've trusted Dipple with my HVAC and plumbing service for 4 years and have exceeded my expectations.

    “I've trusted Dipple with my HVAC and plumbing service for 4 years and have exceeded my expectations.”

    - Lisa T.
    We would recommend this company to anyone that wants people who know what they are doing.

    “We would recommend this company to anyone that wants people who know what they are doing.”

    - Linda P.
    One stop shop for my plumbing, electrical and HVAC

    “One stop shop for my plumbing, electrical and HVAC”

    - David B.
    They have ALL been worthy of a 5-star review!

    “They have ALL been worthy of a 5-star review!”

    - Katalin B.
    This was the third time that I have used Dipple.

    “This was the third time that I have used Dipple.”

    - Steven H.