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Plumbing Service

Emergency Plumbers

Whether you have a drippy faucet or broken water heater, Dipple's professional plumbers are always at your service.  Call us now! 864-271-1205


Electricians On Call

We have licensed, insured and experienced Electricians ready to help you make your home safer. Schedule an electrical safety inspection today!

Heating and Air

Don't Blow Your Cool!

If your air conditioning goes out or your furnace stops working, Dipple's Heating and Air service techs are on call 24/7 for your convenience.  Call us now! 864-271-1205

Septic, Sewer & Water Lines

Inspect, Repair, Prevent!

Avoid a messy, smelly situation before it happens. Keep your underground pipes in good condition and avoid flooding and backed up sewer in your home. We specialize in video inspection and water jetting to keep your pipes in tip-top shape. Schedule a clean out today!

Dipple Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning

Our Plumbers, Electricians & Heating and Air Conditioning Service Technicians offer fast, 24-hour emergency service.

dipple24hourserviceIf your energy bills are getting higher and the temperature is getting lower, call us for our $89 tune up special. We’ll inspect your furnace and tune it up and give you new ideas about how to save money. Don’t wait, it’s time to get comfortable! Call us today 864-271-1205!

If your pipes are clogged or your hot water heater is leaking, Dipple will send a plumber to repair it. If your furnace is broken or your airconditioner is out of Freon, we will send an HVAC technician to repair it. If your lights are flickering or your outlet is smoking Dipple will send an electrician to fix it. We always provide same day, 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service for your safety and convenience.

Our highly experienced and skilled team of plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians is armed with the latest equipment and certifications. We perform repairs, installations, renovations for your home or business.

Recent Comments

  • Steve Omo

    Thanks once again to Dipple. I had another electrical problem and they sent out Aaron Simmons to fix the problem. Aaron once again came out expeditiously and resolved the problem. He also had a great solution for a cost effective and more efficient lighting system for the future. I appreciate the expertise he offered. It is great to have people who care. Thanks Dipple and thanks Aaron.
    Steve O.

  • vickie harris

    Could u please let me know about what it will cost for someone to come out and look at it.

  • Vicky Narde

    Mark Chapman came out and fixed the water issue I was having. He kept in constant communication with me regarding the issue and promptly fixed the issue. He was very professional and I will definitely use Dipple Plumbing again should the need arise! Thank you for the great customer service

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  • David Dowe

    I use Dipple for all of my HVAC, electrical and plumbing repairs. Today’s electrician was Aaron Simmons. Aaron showed up on time, thoroughly diagnosed my problem and did everything he could to keep my bill as low as possible. He is a credit to your company.